The Mighty Gorillas

Mint 27.03.23 3PM UTC

8888 Realistic Gorillas

As we move forward,  building our magnificent realistic wildlife kingdom in the metaverse.
A new species will join our genesis Royal Cubs , kings of the jungle  - The Mighty Gorillas

The mighty Gorillas is a collection of 8888  realistic 3D digital art with more than 200 unique traits and options that are made by our super talented and proven artists team - Massimo Righi , Kloudm and WZX.

Art & Humanimal

We carefully select highly skilled 3D artists to create stunningly realistic gorillas that exhibit human-like facial expressions and stylish appearances.
It's important to note that these are not cartoonish representations.
Our aim is to showcase the natural world with a relatable touch, to bring attention to the ongoing struggles of wildlife globally as they fight for survival.
Art & Design

The type of guy that can make art out of anything, be it music, animations games or NFT’s

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